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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Goals: 2012

Well, I didn't finish my post a day as strongly as I wanted, but my cold is hanging on strong. Chiropractor today at three. Praying he makes a difference in my life. I start my second job tomorrow: after school tutoring. I am excited for the difference it will make in our house toward our debt, which brings me to this year's goals.
  • As I mentioned, we have gotten our Dave Ramsey on. My brother said I got Dave Ramsey'd. Ouch. and Ew. Gross, Mo. But he is right. We are looking at making a few temporary, but drastic, changes to our finances. That's the number one goal for The Man and I.
  • Next for me? I want to focus on Rosalie, my oh so pretty guitar. In six months, I hope to have 3 songs mastered. I have written several worship songs that need to find their way to the proper chords and then to my guitar. Glad George Dahir is coming at the end of the month. He is good at that beeswax.
  • In addition to getting over this crapping cold, I plan to train for a 10K. I want a destination spot like Reno or Omaha. Kidding. About the location only. As soon as I can lay prone without coughing, I will start this and hopefully meet my friends at the starting line (those of you reading, I am speaking to you).
  • Next fall, my ultimate goal and focus will be securing a full-time teaching position wherever God sees fit to place me. My prayers mention the school I currently work at because I love the people who work there including the principal, and the kids are hilarious. I am shooting for second grade. (Hear that, Jesus? Second grade).
  • Quality time: this is my goal in general. I want quality time with my husband. I want quality time with my kids, together and individually. I want quality time with myself, which incidentally leads to quality time with my friends. 
  • Finally, I want to be a giver. Randomly. Purposefully. Spontaneously. Contemplatively. I want to out give God. I realize it isn't possible, but it's a good goal. 
What are your goals?


Noel said...

Them there are some good goals girlie!
My goals-Would those be considered new years resolutions? Because I vowed to have none of that this year! That would be of course a goal in and of itself :) or resolution, or ... whatever you want to call it!

Noel said...

Oh and you best not be talking to me when talking of a 10K wtf?? Seriously, are you a glutton for punishment or what?

shontell said...

Noel, a ten K isn't 10,000 miles! It's short!!

Noel said...

What like 1 mile? LOL :)

N. Rose said...

You are inspiring. My goals are to follow God recklessly, move forward in the things He has already showed us, and one-up my mothering skills from last year. Oh and getting rid of my 7month pregnant looking belly.

shontell said...

sigh. stinking bellies. Tonight I start my nightly Pilates routine. Seriously a really great workout for bellies. Very doable. Not like yoga, which confirms my jack ass status every time I do it.