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Monday, January 09, 2012

I Stole This Idea

Not so much
  • I love smelly good lotion
  • not so much perfume
  • I love movies
  • not so much overly foul ones
  • I love vintage cars
  • not so much their willingness to break down so often
  • I love coffee
  • not so much tea
  • I love honey
  • not so much the sticky
  • I love soup
  • not so much red meat
  • I love writing for fun
  • not so much with a deadline
  • I love Friends
  • not so much that it's over :(
  • I love french fries
  • not so much the chubby belly they give me
  • I love my iPhone
  • not so much the bill that comes with it


Noel said...

I love that you stole this idea, and that you u used not so much instead of hate. Hate is just such a extreme dramatic word. But ya know one of us likes to use drama to draw our readers in.

I love having you as my friend.
Not so much that you live so far away now.
I love reading your blogs.
Not so much when you don't post as often as I would like you to(everyday)
I love your creative brain.
Not so much that you aren't being paid as amply as you should for said brain.

Noel said...

Oh and PS- you did one of my hates... you read that blog and didn't even comment... yet you stole it... SHAME SHAME!!

shontell said...

PS, I was at work. I got in. I got out. I love my job. Not so much getting fired for reading a friend's blog haha!! Thanks for the Ode in your first post.

Noel said...

Oh yeah that's right you have a job. STINK! Jobs are really cramping my social life right now!