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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Can You Tell Me Why

  • every time I log on to Firefox it wants to update me, even if I have in fact only updated minutes before signing in?
  • mice want to eat through my wall, literally, eat through my wall?
  • I can't grasp being content like Paul?
  • I suffer from allergies on snowy days?
  • teenagers must fight against showering?
  • I make plans to work out, but instead of seizing the moment, I wait, and then sleep on my couch instead?
  • some people do not laugh at The Breakfast Club?
  • we do not have our own television show?


Noel said...

Crumbs from 5 children ....
Paul had to be knocked off a horse
umm NO hmmm....oh wait Moby
Sigh... Boy teenagers
You've been sick
I do
Psh.... girl you need more than just a show you should have a movie !! Better yet a book... hey wait a minute... I think someone is determined on making one :)

shontell said...

I think your assessments are fairly accurate. And sadly, it isn't always just my boy tween. That other girl has only starts volunteering for this "hobby" in the last month. And great. Now I am thinking its for a boy. AAARGH