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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bring It

 So, we are Idahoans now. No, that isn't really a word, and frankly it could be taken the wrong way if you are a girl attempting to over come a reputation. Luckily, I like my saucy reputation. I have worked hard to spread that rumor. OK, I haven't a saucy rep. Sigh. I am just a girl who followed her man to Idaho when he asked her to. ::blush:: He is way worth it. So, we packed up our hooligans and hit the road. We landed in a rental, and we camped for about eight months before we decided to make this place a little more us. It's funny how God answers those little prayers, and then he gives a husband and wife the same ideas without them even really speaking about it. I kinda wanted to garden. My husband said, "hey, when are you going to get a garden going?" sweet. So we started chatting, and did what all laborers do; we went into the backyard and stared at our work space for a while.
The difference between most construction workers and my husband is the staring leads to a new fence, a rock framed garden area, and a tilled ground. Oh how I love that man of mine. We are planting red and yellow onions, sunflowers, potatoes, carrots, zucchini, yellow peppers, green peppers, jalapenos, corn, strawberries, wild flowers, yellow squash, pumpkins, green beans, cantaloupe, watermelons, and a plethora of herbs. And of course, do you know who we ran into at the local Zamzow (it's a garden store; no, I couldn't possibly make up hillbilly names like that)? Baby chicks who want to call me mamma. We are getting two of them. The Man is working at getting his chicken coop skilled under control. The adoption should be final in a few weeks. Of course that only gives us about 14 eggs a week, which is one breakfast for my family, so there is a good chance we will go back for one more little guy once we settle in the first two. I have my names picked out for the twins, but I am opening up the polls for baby chicken number three.
In the meantime, I need to go buy some new work boots; these snow boots just aren't giving me the farm girl look I am after.


No(dot dot)el said...

Chicken Nugget.
Chicken Chow Mien.
Chicken Little.
Stir Fry.

Liz Dean said...

You're going to need more than three! get six. :)Check out And this is the coop that I want one day:

I am so jealous of your garden. Sigh.

Oh, and for need good ol' Hunters.

no digas que no te quiero amigo.
Isn't my Espanol fabulous?

Laura W said...

You need to name your chick "Fila". That way its Chick-Fil-A. : )

shontell said...