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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Constant Reminders That He is God and I am Not

Sometimes I get discouraged when I feel God lighting up a path in my life that stays dark for the people around me. I get excited. Thrilled. Anxious. Impatient. Frustrated. Because I am raising my hand, jumping up and down saying, "PICK ME! PICK ME!" But God isn't calling on me to move just yet. Not in the obvious ways anyway. This video made me cry. A lot. But in the end I feel the hope, and I feel encouraged to continue to wait on the Lord for what he will do in the ole Brewer household. I want to serve God. I want to love God. I need to love others.

Thanks Farmer's Wife


Erica said...

Great video! At the church we go to now, seriously, a quarter of the families have adopted a child from one many nations of Africa. So cool

shontell said...

HELLO ma'am. And MAN, I am SO JEALOUS. I am being patient. God has plans. I will wait. With my tongue sticking out.