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Friday, May 13, 2016

We've Got Some Really Big News

It's true. I am totally up to something, but God started it. SO many of you know parts of my story because you have walked with me, encouraged me, and prayed with me as I attempted to navigate this funny little side job as a writer. When I opted to sit back and take a break, you encouraged me to get back to it.

You've been friends to the Nonsense. Raise your hand if you've been a blog follower from the beginning. Do it. Seriously. Maybe I will send you a little thank you. For real. Be man or woman enough to admit it, and you might be the happy recipient of some weird but sought after present. But really, I want to say thank you to each of you. Go ahead. Line up. I've got hugs to go around. Because this is big news. Really big news. Like. Our life is changing news. 

 A few months ago, I finally admitted I was scared of failure. I was keeping my writing on the hobby level because then I could be safe and there was no chance of rejection.

A couple months ago, I raised my hand in front of our church. The whole lot of you. And admitted as much with an ask to nudge me toward Mt. Herman's Christian Writing Conference. You did. So I did. I leaped. And guess what. I leaped right into the arms of an agent and a couple requests for my book proposal.

I can't get enough of this picture.

Did you hear me?? I've been signed with an agency. I've been given the gift of a writing deadline, and I mean that with my entire whole complete self. Because writing deadlines mean you are going places.

If you were here to celebrate me, I would give you a smoothie machine. Better yet, two smoothie machines. (Anyone know what movie that's from?)

Thank you. Just thank you for letting me drag you along on this journey.

What's next? Well, I am writing not one, but two book proposals. (To go with my two smoothie machines.) As soon as those get turned in, my agent does her thing.

In the meantime, my job is to show as much heart as I can on this here blog. Want to help? My publisher asked me to increase my traffic. Sure. Let me get right on that.

Well, actually, YOU can get right on that. Share this post. Share all the blog posts that make you laugh out loud, spit your coffee on the floor, and/or make you so annoyed you want to punch a chipmunk. That's it. Just one little share.

Then, just hold on tight! This is going to be a really fun ride!!

DON'T FORGET! Drawing today! Look for me to announce the winner tonight! Don't miss out on your chance to win.


Anonymous said...

Yyyyyaaayyy!!! Congrats GIRL! The Dearing clan is ����������������

shontell said...

Thank you so much!! We are super excited. Maybe I'll have to write in New Zealand. For research of course.

Jessica Baldwin said...

Excited for you. Also I have been there since your baby blog was born. Love, me.

shontell said...

You totally have!! Thanks, friend. You e even fixed my blog when it broke! I'm going to find you a present. Something better than a tic tac. Or maybe a tic tac!

Jessica Locke said...

Yay!!! GO you! Super happy for you, friend!

shontell said...

Thank you!

Lindsie said...


Shontell said...

Thanks so much, Lindsie!

Wade said...

I love that you reference movies...just like your brother and I do!! Oh and Ant Man just sayin...super proud of you -Wade