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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Keep on Keepin on!

In keeping with my get healthier theme, I have come up with a daily food journal that I feel is helpful. Every get healthy/diet/live it plan recommends writing down what you eat and your accomplishments if you are going to be successful. So far I realize a few things about myself: I don't eat nearly enough food (although what I eat is pretty healthy), I don't drink enough water, I don't spend nearly enough time in the word (not bird or grease), I do not stick to my household routine! On the positive side, I do eat fairly healthy, I do well with my portion sizes, I eat more dairy than I thought which is great because I pretty much hate dairy, and I do a good job of eating every couple of hours. Today, I am working at doing just a little bit better in each section. I can't share my food journal with you people, because I am unable to use the return feature on my blog (stupid) so if you happen to want a copy, email me and I will forward it off to you. :) Happy eating.


Jessie said...

i want a copy!!

noel said...

a copy won't be necessary but i will expect a full report on the phone by let's say.....the first of the month.