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Monday, January 22, 2007


I am trying to get the life on track, which, for me usually happens when the newest Brewer baby is pushing his or her first birthday. This time, I am not going to wait. Sam Fisher is decidedly a great sleeper and with the rest of the kids so independent and able to help out with The Squirrel, I have a few minutes in the morning to focus on me. I don't know why this is such a struggle with women, but I know I am not the only one who has to decide daily if I am going to read my bible, shower, or exercise first thing in the morning. Probably I should always choose my quiet time, but when I see a window around lunch time that is free from the usual household hulla-baloo (children arguing over breakfast in the next room, children throwing cheerios at each other to see if they will stick, other children hating this game and shrieking in disapproval, first set of cheerio throwing clan riddled with giggles because it is causing so much discomfort-thus an added bonus to the discovery of sticking cheerios...sigh) You get the picture. Anyway, Ellen has recruited Bob Harper (Biggest Loser)the show, not my personal take on him) to get her ready to host the Oscars in about a month. He has given her a list of foods she may eat, an exercise regimen, and opened it up to others with the hope that each of us will lose ten pounds in one month. Now, by the Biggest Loser's standards that is piddly for a months worth of working out and dieting. For me, it is just what I needed; any more would be too much! In addition I am re-starting my bible study, Becoming the Woman God Wants You to Be. The author takes the approach of focusing on every important area of our lives (body, spirit, mind) and adding positive elements that will naturally get rid of the negative (ie, drinking the right amount of water each day will leave you not so thirsty for pop OR memorizing scripture will give you ammunition for battling those lies from the devil.) I am not big on new year resolutions, so I am hoping I am in this for good and not needing to repost this next January. Wish me luck. I would like to hear any healthy tips you all have that seem easy and have stuck in your regular routine. Personally, I am a freak for smoothies, which is a great way to sneak in vegetable servings and yogurt. I have also replaced my computer chair with my exercise ball.


TPluckyT said...

One time saver work-out regimen I've discovered is to put away the remote control and jog to the TV to channel surf or adjust the volume. After a short break I check my heartrate and jog back to the couch.

I tell my children, "We didn't have remote control when I was growing up. We had to walk to the TV, uphill both ways!"

noel said...

writing down what you eat BEFORE you eat it, doesn't really work when you go out to eat but let's be honest how often do we get to go out to eat so that would be a splurge in and of itself.
i am right there with ya, only it has taken me a bit longer to get my life back on track with the eating excercise bit , Zay almost 3 now not good!

shontell said...

lol. thanks for the advice T

Noel-you are a beauty, Moses is lucky to have you. Please tell him I said so.

On another note- in my attempt to get healthier and be a good wife, I made my husband's favorite-greenbeans. i firmly believe these green little demons are from the pit, but I was brave and tried one. Well, at first I could only lick it, but then I ate it and chugged some water. Ew. They weren't as bad as I was expecting, but I think I will stick to my usual greens.

auntie mel said...

ha---did you see the episode of "the office" when dwight had the exercise ball that he sat on at his desk? that was hysterical. and now i'm picturing you in place of him. snicker.

shontell said...

lol. NO But I would like to say that I love Dwight and am proud to be called a nerd.

noel said...

ahhh shucks. i will try to remember to tell him when we are talking again in say....18 years(ya know like when all the distractions are grown and gone) jus kiddin.