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Monday, May 24, 2010

I Am

happy to be a wife.

a good mom.

not extraordinary.

quite extra ordinary.

not finished with college even though I walked on Saturday.

finished with college in 65 days from today.

three days away from being finished with student teaching.

wishing the days would zoom a little faster.

tired of having a stressed out belly, out of place neck and back and ribs, and a near constant pain in my right kidney.

wondering if there is an over zealous organ donor reading right now.

apparently a singer/songwriter type of musician.

anxious to catch up with fake Japanese friends soon.

choosing to look for ways to serve the people around me.

starting with my husband.

incredibly thankful for this past weekend with friends, family, and a near pants off dance off at the bowling alley with Laverne, Lenny, Squiggy, Thebabysitter, Thebartender, Thephotographer, and Theweddingcrasher.

thrilled that I was asked to make a guest appearance as Professor Trelawny this Friday in my son's class.

even thrilled-ier that he has no idea.

jealous I did not think of turning my classroom into Hogwarts first.

still completely giggly that some friends of mine realized they were at the wrong wedding only after dropping their gift off at the gift table, got drinks from the bartender, had their picture made by the photographer, and the bride was walking down the aisle. SO GREAT!!

exhausted from working (up at 0530, dragged out of bed by 0600, out the door at 0700, home by 1600 to do more work until I fall asleep in my bed whilst finishing said stupid homework until no earlier than 2200.

unsure if military time makes things seem better or worse.

thinking worse.


Liz said...

I totally heart you~


shontell said...

:) thanks

noel said...

worse definitely worse.

Erin Reed said...

Fake Japanese friends are very excited to be almost home (of course we have been here so long we are almost PART Japanese!! Can't wait to get home and plan a reunion! :)

A Bit Of Everything said...

Yeah! You walked friend......You walked the walk! Wish I was there...I would have been the loudest!