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Sunday, May 02, 2010


Spring is trying to break through here in Reno. We have been getting two or three days of rain, sleet, wind, and snow, which turns into sunny 70s for the rest of the week. I love it. The cold weather makes grading papers and endless hours of homework more bearable. Our flowers and trees are doing so well with the rain water, which goes to show how gross tap water is. I think my kids are even growing because of the sunshine!

Aren't these pictures perfect likenesses of the kids? Artistic geniuses I tell you!

Sam added his nose. He said he wanted to be like Pinocchio.

I traced Addison and she added her details including her hair. Awesome.

My front yard flowers. So pretty.


Jen's World said...

gotten any adjustments lately? Well good cuz I wouldn't have seen you there anyways! I do hope you're well. I lOVE the kid pictures and all the great stuff in your blog. Gonna try and start reading it more often :))

Chantel said...

Just meandering through blogland on a rainy afternoon--and stumbled over your talented artists! lol Kids rock, happy mothers day!

A Bit Of Everything said...

Hey, I want my Addy and Sam fix!

noel said...

Shontelly- is it really true that you are only days away from your graduation?
I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY FOR YOU! I can hardly wait for the blogs that are on the horizon upon your completion of college. Hip Hip Hooray! wish i could be there to celebrate with you. Much Love my friend.