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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Is It Weird...

That my couch is the number one culprit for my chiropractic issues, but I still sit on it?

That there are several songs I never tire of hearing?

That I have a poster of E.C.?

That Samuel colored his right nostril green tonight, and I didn't make him wash it?

That I absolutely love teen series books?

That I keep forgetting I have a job? :/
That I get absolutely irritable if I haven't had a chance to listen to music in my day?

That I never want my husband to go to work because I like him?

That I would rather spend my days in a t-shirt and jeans than any other clothing in the world?

That I have written "Lord, please use me as you see fit, but please don't ever send me to Africa. I am not that kind of missionary" about ten times in my journals over the last decade, and now I love all things African and would be on the next plane if the big guy said do it?

That I accuse people of being racist if they ask me to hand them something white? (giggle)

That EVERY time someone leans their head on my hair or tries on a hat that isn't theirs or shares a brush I wonder if lice will be involved?

That I am never without the color red on my person?


Liz said...

Yes...very weird. they are all wierd. well, except the E.C. thing...that one is totally understandable. hehe. just kidding...who doesn't let their kid color his nostril green? ;)

btw...word verification is redney. I think it's a sign that Samuel sould paint his kidney red...or at least that part of his body. hehe

Erica said...

the green nostril makes me laugh :) and I'll be sure to bring white cheese on Halloween...;)

noel said...

Hi friend. Thought of you today and wondered if you were wearing a new cream sweater for this Fall season. Miss you and I don't think anything of those things you listed are weird, they are simply Shontell!
Love you. x0x0x0