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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yeah, I've Got It

I want you to know that I completely have Bieber Fever. It's a real diagnosis. You know you have it if you:

  • Break into a bout of Never Say Nevers randomly
  • Have more than three Justin songs on your iPod
  • Know at least half the rap by Jaden Smith
  • Could see yourself in this shirt
  • Watched the Justin B. movie and got teary at any point and/or
  • at any point wish you could trade places with a tween just to enjoy his concert one last time.
  • Have agreed to TXTL8R just because Justin asked you to
Yes. I've got it bad. I downloaded his entire acoustic album. The end.


Liz Dean said...


but I love you anyway....and you have to check out all of Gabby's teachers lip synching to's pretty funny. Just to satisfy your beiber fever. :)

I guess I need a frappachino b/c word verification is frapi! :)

shontell said...

I know. This post is more of a confession. I am comfortable enough with my love for JB to talk about it.

Joelle said...

Reece and I love his acoustic album! Reece listens to it daily and asks me to play it on my ipod on the way to school. I can't wait to watch the movie. I.AM.A.DORK.TOO! ;)

Erin said...

I really love that you made fun of me for watching that movie and loving it and then you caught the fever.

shontell said...

Joelle- I will never understand why we do not live nearer one another.
Erin- It's what I do.

jayehs- my word verification is perconch. That's fun to say.