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Monday, May 02, 2011

Frick Frack PHOOEY

Our television died. It has been a sad pending experience, but it still hurts now that it has happened. Aren't TVs supposed to last longer than two years? This time there were no Wii remotes thrown at the screen. This time it started smelling of burnt machinery and sending up wisps of smoke. This morning, when there was smoke and sparking, we knew it was a goner. Just like my favorite leisure activity. WAAAH! We seriously need jobs. It's dangerous to go so long without money. You know what happens? Your list of things to buy with your first paycheck gets longer and longer. Going to bed. gah.

Proof that God loves me: My husband called near and far and found a replacement part for our TV! That man has a direct link to God, I tell ya.  There isn't even SMOKE anyMORE!


Liz Dean said...

Oh No!!!!! that one hurts badly. :(

Luckily, you can watch tv/movies on the have too many kids to make it comfortable. So, I guess no tv for them!! lol

Well, if you want to come to Jax, I have a spare!!! :)

Shontell said...

Currently we are all snuggled up in my bed. Not super comfy, and we can only watch movies, but that's fine for now. We were able to get a replacement part for a reasonable price. Praying it works!!

noel said...

first the sunglasses, and now this. sounds like an full blown attack!!
okay that might be a bit dramatic and hyper spiritual but ya know... sigh... praying for you my friend.