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Saturday, July 07, 2012

I figured it out

Sometimes I want to change my house around and liven the colors and be spontaneous. Usually I say, to no one in particular, "I am wanting to change my house decor. It's been the same for so long. I kind of know what I want." and that person throws out endless questions to help me put my new vision into words.
The problem I find is that most people want me to visit pinterest, only that site makes my nostrils flare and my hairs stand and my fingers coil. I love when someone shares something they learned on that site. I don't mind talking about things ON the site. But things happen when I visit and have to begin searching for things. I confuse easily, apparently. Well, I won't subject myself to that.
Instead I will do a Google search and spend no less than one hour scrolling through images until I begin to sense a theme in the pictures I have saved.

I know what I was trying to say now. My new house is gonna be decorated in the oh so my style of farmhouse chic. A little old. A little new. A little this. A little that. A lotta red. I am thrilled to put a title to it. And to be honest, I feel like this research gave me a label for my entire lifestyle.

I am not quite a Flower Patch Farm Girl. I am no PW. I wish I had the skills Organizing Made Fun throws out. And I lack the ingenuity of Mothering with Creativity. Instead I am farmhouse chic.

My Espresso leather chairs that flank my dark and tattered table will blend fantastically with the red, beat down rustic farmhouse shaker chairs. My faded leather cowgirl boots will side nicely with my grey old navy flops. My hand embroidered throw pillows get along smashingly with my dilapidated rustic garden gate hanging on my wall.
My vintage green owl necklace pairs well with my banana republic tan cardigan and designer jeans.
Yup. That's me. Art town meets hay field. Tractor meets Lucky jeans. Pot bellied stove meets Tiffany lamp. Tattoos meets vintage paridot ring set in chocolate diamonds. Farmhouse chic. Let's get to it, shall we?


Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I absolutely love farmhouse chic and I also like the cottage look. Our house is a mix of both.

No(dot dot)el said...

I think all of those pics look amazing and who needs pinterest when you have the www at your fingertips.

shontell said...

Pickles- perfect combo. I was torn between the two, but farmhouse lends itself nicely to my husband's dead deer collection. Bah
DOTS- I awoke this morning at 4 am thinking of ALL the things I need to accomplish for work and my house. I may puke a lung. Then the unthinkable popped in my head. "I bet there are some amazing classroom ideas on Pintrest". Waaaah. I will look!! FINE

No(dot dot)el said...

YOU will not be disappointed. I have a few in my very own boards. Do you want an invite ?

shontell said...

I tried to get invited. I got invited. And then it gave me two options: sign up through my twitter account or my Facebook. Seriously. What am I doing wrong?

rachelcantwell said...

why are we so much alike?

shontell said...

Two words: George Dare