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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

I Like Gorillas as Much as the Next Guy

But I'm just one girl. To quote Sam when he was told to sit like a gentleman at the table "I'm just a kid. A tiny tiny kid." I can only care about so many things.

Here is my list:
Honoring my husband. That he will never doubt how much I love and support him.
Growing kids that love and follow Jesus

Chasing after God until my guts hurt (you know that dehydrated cramp? Like that)

Making the hugest impact I can with each student or kid who comes my way

My family- however they need me

Using my words to edify others

And my integrity

When people hurt

Unfortunately this doesn't leave much room to care about other things. 

Here is that list:
And that lady protesting outside of Six Flags on Saturday. You know who you are. You tried to give my son anti-elephant riding material through the one inch crack in our car window. When I rolled up my window over your inappropriate advances toward my child, you littered your poorly constructed flier and called me a terrible person. 
I didn't ride the elephant. I don't ride elephants. I'm Middle Eastern. We ride camels. Pull yourself together. 

And might I suggest you learn to use your passion without littering and insulting people? 


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