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Monday, December 07, 2009

Advent Week One

The first week of December has come and gone.

In trying our hardest to be less self centered, make memories,

and give a little, our week was not a total failure.

We spent a vast amount of time with the fam and wishing other

family was here to be a part of it.

We drove to the mountains to cut down our tree. $10 for a tree

tag and an afternoon of funniness.

Decorated said tree with old and new ornaments. I was happy

to hear my husband tell my son we would not be putting the

ornament in the shape of a six pack of beer on our tree.

Not totally sure where that one came from, but we no longer own it,

so it doesn't matter.

Helped out at church where we could. Relaxed and enjoyed service

for the rest of the time.

Introduced my children to Hallmark Christmas movies. Happiness.

Let the kids decorate their own trees which decorate their room.

NOTHING. That's right. Today, the Reno valley was covered in a smooth

half foot of snow. We got about 8 inches in our neck of the woods, so I sat on

my couch, read some, watched some, studied some. The Man made it home

safely this morning and quickly took to shoveling snow and building an

ice slide in our front yard, which my children played on nearly all day. It made

me miss homeschooling. If I didn't work tomorrow, I would be keeping

them home for another snow day. Especially considering I can't see where my

sidewalk ends and the road begins. The Man was kind enough to put chains on

top of my snow tires. We should be set.

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Erica said...

We got our tree too from the woods. For 10$ and plus the free lovely tree smell in the house. I love the memories the most :)