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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


  • I have two infected kidneys

  • my kidneys are infected by some unknown, unusual organism

  • I really miss my kids who are either at school all day or at home while I work

  • I don't think I like working outside of my home

  • My youngest daughter turned 5 yesterday

  • I have mothered 4 five year olds and I am not finished

  • I am hungry

  • I do not like listening to people talk about throwing up

  • I do not want the flu to enter my house

  • Music really has been a constant in my life from the get go

  • I am SERIOUSLY ready to be a graduate.


Liz said...

two infected kidneys?!?!? That never came up in conversation!!! and that still sounds so crazy when you say "# I have mothered 4 five year olds and I am not finished"...hehehe.

Erin said...

forgotten statistic:
You. Are. Loved.
also...I am starting to think you are coming up with your own word verifications just to make me giggle. Mine was permerie.

shontell said...

Erin, it means I will love your for permerie.