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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Advent Week Two

These pictures make me happy for obvious reasons,
but mostly because it means we have made memories.
I loved this day.
I loved that we were freezing and huddled in my van while
The Man continued to trample the mountains for a tree.
I love that we only had to drive half an hour to find a
tree worth cutting. I love that my kids giggled most
of the day and didn't argue once.
I love that Sam wanted to "ice skate" even though he was clearly frozen.
I love that Izzy told her dad she would look at the tree later as she was
frozen from the waist down.

Sam I Am has the most beautiful eyes. Some girl is going to find herself swimming in them some day.

We had a lot of tree hunters. Kristopher and the boys found a great little stubby tree.

Nanie hung back with me and toddlers, which seemed fitting as Addison is certain Nanie IS a toddler because of her smallish stature.

Where's Waldo has got nuthin' on my husband. Seriously, these are just his everyday clothes.

My family is large. I don't know that I noticed before. Maybe it's because Eli is holding a saw and it scares me, so my eyes are opened wider than usual.

Beautiful. I can't believe my kids all turned out so cute. I am convinced God had us stop having kids when they were about to turn ugly.


Erica said...

Great pictures!...that picture of Eli carrying is an eye opener!

A Bit Of Everything said...

Beautimus friend! Love it!
Merry CHRISTmas!