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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Song Lyrics, Not my own

When I don't understand I will choose You When I don't understand I get to choose to love you God For you are good, God. For you are good to me. For you are good, God. For you are good to me. And it's my honor, and it's my privilege to worship you. All of this is so true. It's so real and raw and still it gets pushed back so often. Too often. Well, lets' raise our glasses (mugs) to choosing more. Choosing what's right. Choosing what is truth. May we never a day muddle. May our steps be driven toward loving others more than ourselves. May we drop the facade we carry so they know we are real. And above all else, may God will out in the end. Thank goodness we know the end of this story. Good game God.

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