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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Occupation: Wife, mom to many, student, substitute teacher
Marital Status: Very Married, iykwim
Reside: Reno, the awesomest place in Nevada

I am a wife. That makes me happy.

I was asleep, but God thinks it's funny to wake me often with other's prayer needs. I need less dysfunctional friends.

I think raspberries and chocolate are the yummiest combo.

I know God has big plans for my family or he wouldn't have made so many of us.

I wonder if I will be of the 50 %of teachers who quit in their first five years.

I hope I can get a job when I finally graduate.

I wish I could be home with my kids AND work as a teacher.

I save every letter or little note from my husband- even scratch paper goodbyes. I have 15 years worth.

I can live without high maintenance people.

I can't wait for Christmas this year. So much family and my kids are all big enough for it to be great!

I have too many things I want to do with my day. Play guitar, stay in bed with my husband all day, snuggle with my children in front of the television, homework, read, responsibilities, quilt, scrap, be outside, hang out with friends, travel, etc..............

I believe my husband and I can get out of debt if we listen to God more closely.

I promise to never let a green bean grace these lips. (except for when they are hidden in lumpia)

I want to stop being such a procrastinator and be better organized.
I realized I am not nearly thankful enough to God for my life.

Still, it's a good life.


noel said...

what you save i save at well,
your want is one of my wants too,
and what you know i know is so true, so true.
love you friend.

Erica said...

Great post, Shontell.
You inspire me to keep my head looking forward when it's hectic all around ;)

Jeni said...

Great post! And I'm with you on the green beans... Yuck...

Tmoney said...

mmmhmmm - glad for you, hope that goes well for you. Like that you post this kind of stuff.