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Monday, August 31, 2009

Fall is Around the Corner

How do I know fall is coming? My senses tell me so.
Smells: Pumpkin spice surrounds me via candles and lattes. Cinnamon is donning the grocery store shelves as it is smothered on pine cones. My fave.
Sights: My burning maple tree has beautiful red leaves mixed with the green now. My burning bushes are bright red. Stunning. School supplies are everywhere and "If I knew your address, I would send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils." Three less children, except when I work at school with them.
Tastes: um. hello. I already TOLD you- pumpkin spice lattes. Baked goods al'a Auntie Mel are making chubbier. DARN YOU MELISSA AND YOUR SCRUMPTIOUS BAKED GOODS!!
Sounds: quiet. Last night, at 7:30, my herd of children were loaded into jammies and bed leaving my husband and I to snuggle under my ever-christmas lights and the glow of the television. It was excellent. Seriously excellent.
Touch: snuggling. Occasionally the weather in Reno will freak out early and give us a random chilly day. Those days I make Moby Richard sit on my feet and my children snuggle with me under my favorite family heirloom quilt.
The Sixth Sense: I see dead people...wait. sorry. never mind.


noel said...

i kid you not... my giant and i just got done getting excited about the very same thing. he found candy corns on top the fridge and was a giddy as a school girl over it.
well...maybe not exactly like that but kinda!!

ya know a pie party might be in the mix there.

A Bit Of Everything said...

love pie!
Sam I am had a beautiful day of sitting in the grass and playing (peeing behind a tree of course, he and ensured that my back was turned), then we went to the skate park and watched TONS of people skating and seeing friend Isaac learning tips and tricks (he is good mom)...with a sour candy in his hands, we closed the day with Dragon Tales! Ode to great da1ys! My little goofball is perfect