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Saturday, September 12, 2009

While I'm Waiting

Some of you know that my body hates me and so is rebelling. A week or so ago, my Chiro clarified what I thought was a misplaced rib as a "something that should get x-rayed." So I made an appointment with my doc and he sent me for blood work and chest and abdominal x-rays. My husband was great enough to take the morning off and make a date of it :) Not the most entertained we have been, but still good times. There was laughter where there have been many tears lately. We won't get the results, most likely, until Thursday the 24th.
So my dilemma has been keeping my mind off of what could possibly be growing in me or wrong with my body. It isn't helping that the pain is getting worse where before I had very little symptoms.
So, over the weekend, Mike and I went on a fantastic grown up date night. The only downer was when I realized I don't have clothes for occasions like this. Still, he likes me. Then, we spent the next day with the fam at Apple Hill for opening weekend. mmm Delish. Sunday was busy with church in the morning and the rib cook off with a very special ending featuring Jonny Lang in concert. Happiness.
Monday was back to work on ministry stuff, but when you get to meet with your friends at Starbucks, it somehow seems much more tolerable.
Tuesday was back to school for the kids, lots of homework for me, and morning prayer with people who love us.
My days have been defined by how I can keep myself busy. Now that my husband and eldest are off hunting the Nevadas, I am having a trickier time keeping busy. Which leaves too much time for stewing and not enough peace. Anyone not yet praying for my sanity should count this as an invitation to start. Those of you who have been praying, I have felt it tremendously. I cannot say thank you enough times.


mindy bennett said...

I am thinking and praying for your health and total body healing.

Love ya,

Destro Jones said...
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Erica said...

I will be thinking/praying for you, Shontell and NOT making thinking wrinkles appear in my forehead ;)