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Friday, September 25, 2009

Why I Like Mike #25 ADULT WARNING!!

This blog will now be showing porn. Some of the following images are not suitable for young children, women who cannot keep their hands and thoughts to themselves, or men who have ever thought my husband was hot. Proceed with caution. I apologize if these images make you stumble.

SEE! Oh my goodness. Kenny Chesney MAY have written that sexy tractor song after seeing my husband in the distance or closeness at some point. Hopefully not the closeness, cause that makes me a little scared.

Seriously, how do I make myself attractive enough to keep up with this?

Oh my. I have to go......


Tmoney said...

I always tell my hubby he is a lucky guy, I think yours might be luckier. Raaar

Anonymous said...


Your just a goofball, but gotta luv ya.