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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Does everyone feel like this at the end of college?
Is it really necessary for the devil to rear his ugliness
right now? Can anyone else see the evil trying to get through
my angels? Suck this satan. You can't get me down.
Though, apparently, you can help me keep
my priorities all sorts of wrong. DARN YOU. ratpoo.
Tomorrow is a new day. And God is forgiving

and patient


noel said...

Yes my friend, not only can the end of college make you feeling this way but so can moving 700+ miles away. After frozen pipes, septic tank issues, flat tire, brake lights not working, another flat tire, and yet the other cars brake lights not working that's what I was saying last week. Suck this Satan!! And while your at it Satan I would add an ever so holy F off!!
Now shh... don't tell anyone but that's how I do spiritual warfare. I am with ya!!

shontell said...