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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why I Like Mike #26

I asked him out on a breakfast date and he said yes. He likes me...He really likes me!
This picture was taken the last time we went out of town together- just the two of us. Sadly, that was 3 years ago. Before that, 8 years had passed since we went out of town together-with a kid. Not at ALL the same. I love my children so much.
I truly love hanging out with my
children for many hours each day.
BUT I seriously need to go places with my husband, and as much as
I am looking forward to eating
at the local Squeeze In for the first time, I want to go someplace outside
of our usual 20 mile radius. Jayehs.


Elizabeth said...

Sigh...okay, fine. you don't have to take me to the lodge, you can take him. hmpf.

shontell said...

Exactly. Breakfast was loverly, btw.