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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Coffee Is My Manna

OK, so I know that coffee isn't really what sustains me. But, I will tell you what- I SURE LOVE IT.
I understand Lorelai's outstretched arms. That face in return is because Luke (or whoever I am speaking to at the moment) knows I am downplaying how much coffee I have consumed. I use every ounce of will power to stop at one cup of coffee. And, because my will power ounces equal around 6, I usually have my second cup on the way to work. This morning, for instance, I was served one cup in bed, and I followed it up with two more cups at IHOP. I was so tempted to go for cup number four, but I didn't ask for decaf, and I was concerned my heart or my kidneys or my bladder would explode.
Do not worry; I am alright- organs in tact.
This sums up my feelings nicely. My Mother's Day was excellently full of laying in the grass, gardening, breakfast out, coffee in bed, and some of the BEST homemade presents a mamma could ask for. But what I really want about now is a steamy, snuggly cuppa Joe.


No(dot dot)el said...

You deserve the best momma's day, you are one of the best momma's I know. And I know a LOT of best momma's. That pic at the end hilarious, and so true.

shontell said...

You are pretty. I like you so much. Now pray harder dang it!! If I can't live near you, at least pray that I can afford to visit more!!

rachelcantwell said...

I've been known to ask for an IV drip of coffee.

shontell said...

Rach- If that were something, we could go lay by the pool at some hoity toit spa with our coffee IVs and make the cabana boys fan us while we watch ranting Luke.
"I love Ranting Luke."