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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Love/Hate Link Up With NoDots

My friend No..el is a really fantastic blogger. She always has been, but lately she has been sprucing her goose (NOT a euphemism).
Today she is hosting a link up. We get to join her in posting anything or one thing or several things with which we have a love slash hate relationship. Click her beautiful face and pay her a visit to check out the serious circus she has going on over there. See me pointing?


I love my hairs.

Not so much when they touch me and make me feel the strangle.

I love my guitar, Rosalie.

Not so much the ouchies she leaves behind making it obvious that I haven't picked her up enough this week.

I love flops, Old Navy ones to be precise.

Not so much the less than baby soft skin to which they lead.

I love Starbucks.

Not so much the Nampa location, as they insist on putting the mouth hole on the seam. Get it together people. That is SO barista training 101.

I love massages (much like the one I had today)

Not so much when they end. PLEASE DON'T GO MASSAGE LADY! :(

What do you love slash hate right now? Leave me a comment, and tell No..el that I sent you.. Or large Marge. Whatevers


No(dot dot)el said...

Oh I see... K ... I'm gonna get right on this. And YAY! I will be back to leave a comment on your love hates

Julie Marling said...

New follower from love hate hop... Your answers are great! I love exercising but hate making time for it. I love going to the beach but hate having sand all over the place. I could do this all day ;) Love for you to follow back. I am hosting a Facebook hop now. Love for you to link up your facebook page.

Mary said...

First may I say, your kids are freaking adorable! And 2nd, I'm so happy for Link-ups because I'm pretty sure we are the same person. :) Happy to meet you from No..el's Link Up!

Jessica said...

Oh Shontell. I love that you notice the line-up of the mouth hole to seam. Did you work at Starbucks? You are great, lady!

No(dot dot)el said...

LoL. Sprucing My Goose :) I love you Queenie, and your big hairs. Shame, Shame on the Starbucks barista who is jacking up your line-up. For Shame, I say!

shontell said...

Julie- I so agree with your answers. I prefer the beach on a cloudy day with jeans and a sweatshirt. Virtually impossible to get sand in your nethers when you layer that much.

Mary- So great to meet you! Thanks for stopping by. I LOVE meeting fellow dopplegangers! Thanks for the compliments- I have to admit I am partial to those kids of mine. I am going to check you out now.

Jess- haha I have never actually BEEN a Starbucks employee. Clearly Nampa needs me.