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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hot Lips

I couldnt resist having the chance to include The Man in my Wheel experience and calling him Hot Lips just seemed the perfect way. It is a name I have called him since high school, even before we were dating. Goodtimes. The conversation went something like "Yes, Pat, I have been married for almost 11 years to my husband, Mike, who I like to call Hot Lips Hoolahan, but you may call him Mike." Pat happily answered he would certainly do so and then said those hot lips must be working because you have how many kids? HEE HEE I was also going to try to squeeze in my sister's name during the last puzzle. If I knew there was no hope of solving I was going to shout excitedly "Melissa rocks the Casbah." Instead I realized I did know the puzzle and at the very last second called "standard poodle." Even better times as there was a $1700 prize that came along with that guy! Let me just say that there were only two letters called when I solved this puzzle. It read something like

_T_ _D_ _D _ _ _ D _ _


noel said...

that was so God that you guessed that one. there is no other way possible because you don't even own a poodle nor do you seem the type that would be interested in a standard poodle but then maybe it means something different than a standard poodle dog. hmmm...what else could it mean though?

shontell said...

lol. it really does mean the dog standard poodle lol. When Pat asked me how I solved it I told him it was my hair. He was cracking up so much he had to lean over the wheel. My time here is complete HA!

Jeni said...

Standard Poodle? As opposed to a sub-standard poodle? He he he!