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Thursday, December 21, 2006

King Josiah

I have been reading through 2 Kings and I am regularly struck with questions. I really need to take a class on all of this, or, now that I am done focusing on the Wheel and have one whole week off from school(HA!) I will have a minute to read a book or two on the matter. Here are a few questions/observations that reacently popped into my mind.Again, sorry about the format, my blog won't allow me to use the return key @@. 1- It is interesting how many times the mothers are mentioned. I wonder if it is for historical reference or another reason. I can't help but think God allowed the mothers to be named so that we could be proud of the ones who raised their children according to His will and put a name to those who seriously screwed up. 2-Josiah became king when he was eight years old. That is Isabelle's age. Just amazing. From the beginning he did what was right in the eyes of the Lord. He grew up to be a mighty king. God told him he was going to die and THEN he went out and obeyed God. He didn't spend his time depressed, closed up in his room, looking for a remedy. He spent (I am not sure how long) his time destroying anything that glorified someone or something other than God! 3- God showed him mercy in a strange way. God didn't deliver Josiah or his people from death or from the separation between the people and God. He just promised Josiah he wouldn't live to see what was coming to them. Sad. When I finished reading this, I felt overwhelmed. It was sad to see such a determined king die, only to be followed by his wayward son. Jehoahaz was 23 when he became king. He was imprisoned three months later, but he managed to squeeze in enough rottenness against God for the author of 2Kings to make a note of it. Regularly I pray for my children to follow after God. But, after reading passages like these I can't help but make a mental list of all the things I am forgetting. God's grace is a great gift, but I want my kids to grow up saying the greatest gift they got from me was teaching them about God. I am able to say that about my own mother, and though her shoes are really tiny (little girls size 4s) they are huge to fill.


noel said...

mann, this is wierd i just finished reading 2kings this morning and my thoughts were more along the lines of realizing how after so much time of disobedience , king after king that didn't do right in God's sight everything was taken away from the israelites and i do mean everything. my big question throughout this book was what are the high places in my life that i am still not surrendering or obeying God in?

Jeni said...

Oh, man! You guys ask too many thought provoking questions... Now I'm going to be thinking all night long! :)

shontell said...

HA. sorry. On another note, we saw your head when we were driving by Kinkos the other day. :)

Jeni said...

Well, my head is kind of big and hard to miss! :P