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Sunday, December 03, 2006

This is why we aren't at church....again!

Sigh. My brain hurts. My hair hurts. I am tired of waiting. This is what I would like to have for our family. I am frustrated that I can't even get my kids to church on Sundays if Mike has school that weekend. And he has another year to go. I am tired that our only working car won't start if it is too cold outside! I am going to go read my Bible now. Pray for our vehicle situation please.


scoey-d said...

Hi Queenie!
missed you & the Brew Crew.

Devostevo said...

We missed you and the crew. Debi and I will be praying for your vehicle situation.

shontell said...

Thanks all. I feel better. I just kept singing "sooomeday" lol. Oh yah, and I prayed for contentment. That stuff really works..that prayer stuff I mean.