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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tonight is your night bro

Today is the day! The Man is going in today at 1pm for his snip snip-aroo (sing this last part to the tune of chim-chim-charoo). Please pray for accuracy and success. It is a strange feeling to be past so many little stages. Don't worry, I am realistic in the fact that there is still a great chance I will get pregnant again. My prayer has always been that Mike would have this surgery when he felt ready and God was finished adding to our troop. Being the consistent pessimist I am, I am looking forward to A) Mike backing out at the last minute, or B) getting pregnant in six months. What do ya do?! I also have names picked out, and frankly a small part of me is a little sad I may never get to use them. And even stranger still, it is the girl name I like the most. But, The Man has instructed me that you shouldn't continue to have children just because you found a cool name lol. In actuality, God gave us the name Samuel when we were pregnant with Layla Grace, so it makes sense that we should end with him. It makes even more sense that we shouldn't have been surprised to get pregnant with Addison OR him considering we knew we were going to have a Samuel. Denial is a really big river. Along with all of this, my husband is incredibly nervous and could really use the prayers for peace. His dad went in when he was 39 for a routine surgery. He had not been to the doctors in years (pretty much his whole adult life) and was very against having surgery. When he went in for his pre-surgery check up, they found a lump under his arm that proved to be end stage cancer. He died six months later. Mike was only 20 and we had only been married 3months. In fact we moved our wedding up a good three years so his dad could be there for the wedding. His dad's death was all very devastating for Mike. Especially considering neither of them knew God. So pray pray pray. There are a lot of emotions stirring around here.


noel said...

will do friend.

Jeni said...

I just got this message now, but I'll still be praying for the quick recovery! :)