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Sunday, December 24, 2006

No Pressure

My newest class is COMM110, also known as Public Speaking. My assignment this week is to analyze a public speaker and write about him or her. With permission from my professor, I chose our pastor. I am posting this so late on Sunday so Louie (not Louise) will feel no pressure. But, you better not screw up. HAHA!


scoey-d said...

The Lord will know if you give me a bad review. And He may smite you.

I love DVD's

shontell said...

Rofl! There will be no smiting. And I found that cd about the holy grail on the website where from I won stuff. I hope they don't give me a certificate that only allows me to buy one movie for up to $1000. That would just suck. Otherwise, the kids and I made a list of potential movies. Such goodtimes. I have realized $1000 may not be nearly enough!

auntie mel said...

hey--i have a list to add to your list, too!