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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Yah, well, it SHOULD be a word. It would perfectly describe the life I have been experiencing the past week. Also, yawning describes my life. I have been so insane, so busy, so focused on so many things at once, I drove my children home late the other night. We all piled, heavy-legged out of the van, dragging our goods behind us. We literally dropped everything just inside the threshold, and we got into jammies, brushed teeth, got a drink of water, prayed a super fast prayer, then dragged our worn out selves into bed. Lights out. We were lucky to actually make it INTO the beds.
The next morning, my brother, who now lives here, said he came home even later than us to the garage door open, all the lights on, and all the car doors open. Apparently we missed a few steps. See, Erica, other people are losing their minds as well.


Erin said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH. That must have been a very nervous "welcome home" to Kris. I know the feeling well. LIFE. IS. HECTIC.

A Bit Of Everything said...

Thank you God for brothers!

Erica said...

lol!...good one Shontell. Don't break the garage door, that's the next step of insanity. oh and the snack bag thing ;)

Joelle said...

what is that picture? I am sorry you are so stinkin busy! r you sure you want 4 more people to come visit you?

kris and mel said...

i think i am going to report you for cooking your babies. wait--i don't recognize that one.