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Monday, July 13, 2009

Last Summer

We were anxious for the school year to start as usual, but it was more because last year was Eli and Layla's first year in school!

We were trying our hardest to get to the Thursday night Farmer's Market in Sparks, but never made it, not once, because we were too poor.

Enjoying our new house.

Loving Mike's new-ish job of being a fire fighter.

Scrounging enough money to send me to visit my fam in Virginia.

Wishing more of my friends would move here.


we are just as anxious for school to start, but more so because one summer may just be too much to spend with so many little kids.

Still determined to make it to the Farmer's Market.

Still loving our new house, but focusing on the backyard instead of the front as much.

Taken to praying more often than daily about Mike's job stability (we are still waiting to hear if his job is secure.)

SOOO HAPPY our fam in Virginia decided to move here instead :)

Still praying more of our friends move here, but happy that so many of them love Reno enough to visit often. (Boardman, it's been longer than a month. When are you visiting?)


Anonymous said...

I think you are so fabulous. And the taxi picture
makes me want to take you ona date. :) love you!

-Natalie rose

shontell said...

You SHOULD take me on a date. JS. I am cheap.

jami said...

haha.. i'm totally digging your home on the range picture.