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Monday, October 19, 2009

Substitute Teachers and My Need to be Loved By All

So many days when someone doesn't like me, I figure they have real issues. Like, there is one lady who decided she was so offended by something I wrote on my blog, but not brave enough to tell me what it was, she just sent me rotten hate mail to express her opinions. Pretty much I think she is lame and a weenie. Toughen up, I say! Also, you should only read blogs based solely on facts if you don't want my opinion. Clearly there is something wrong with that lady, and I am wonderful. She swears she no longer wants anything to do with my blog, so she probably won't be reading this wondering if I am talking about her. probably.

Anyway, today a little boy who usually loves me decided to play the punk card and landed himself in the principal's office. Now, those of you who know me know I don't shirk at disciplining my kids, nor anyone else's kids- neighborhood kids, school kids, grocery store kids-whatever. WHAT? If I were a black lady, you would expect it!

Because he was most likely threatened by the principal not to show his cutie little face again today, this boy was beside himself when I said to head back up to the office. I tried every form of discipline a teacher can pull, which frankly isn't much. Especially when I prefer to give a little backhand of love to my kids when they are exceptionally mouthy, which he was. When he started spitting on all the kids in the class I drew the line in the sand.

He left not liking me. Not liking me even a tiny bit. And, I find myself wanting to go find him and make him love me. sigh. It's different with kids, I have decided. I actually care if they like me.


Erica said...

he probably still does like you just with more respect now.

Destro Jones said...

A year or so ago when I was teaching the toddler room Squirrel told me that Sam didn't like me. :( ... I lol'ed.

noel said...

somehow i just don't believe you that you really care whether kids like you or not. not buying it. uh-oh i somewhat disagreed am i going to get the boot from commenting on your blogs now.

shontell said...

Destro, we still like you. Addison uses Sam as a crutch, so I cannot speak for her.

Noel- HAHA IIII never blocked her. You are welcomed to say what you will around here.

Tmoney said...

Stupid weenies.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jesus loves you more, because he needs to REALLY step up to watch you! LOL

Nah...You are great friend. As for the lady who wrote that horrible e-mail to you - All we can do is pray.