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Monday, October 12, 2009

Work Schmerk

With student teaching coming up, I am supposed to be racking up as many subbing days as I possibly can. The problem is I still want to just be the mom. If I could stay home regularly I would spend my at home days differently. I could stop feeling like I am always trying to catch up.

breakfast in front of my fireplace, kids getting ready all around me

(if I am dreaming) someone else will take my kids to school

I get all the school stuff ready for homeschooling

do my dishes while Sam and Addie play with their morning centers

I would decide I don't feel like getting dressed and I would snuggle with my kiddos and watch a movie

This would be a morning of happiness for me. Also there would be coffee that didn't make my belly ache and my husband would be available every time I wanted a smooch, as he usually is on his days off.

Oh, and this would be my fireplace.

1 comment:

noel said...

being a stay at home mom sure had it's perks huh!! so thankful for the years I got to enjoy staying in my jammies until at least noon.