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Thursday, July 14, 2005

air conditioners

are a thing of inner beauty. ours broke yesterday so my outer beauty was...well, not up to snuff.
what does that mean exactly? no...i mean i am asking! what does "up to snuff" mean. although in the book i am reading the old Irish ladies shoved a bit of it up the boys' noses. ew.
...air conditioner is fixed. Praise the Lord


scoey-d said...

living without any air conditioning is great, in theory... but we don't get to live in theory. there's nothing fun about temps of 100+ w/no a/c, esp. when you have an Upstairs where your room is. sucks. bless the a/c, & have the kids include it in daily/nightly prayers... "bless daddy the saint, mommy, & the air conditioning, w/o whom..."

debi said...

speaking of hot, did someone mention no a/c? we out here in portola don't have a/c, we don't usually need it. but for the past few days i have been rethinking this idea. its really hot!!!! we do have an upstairs, where my room is not, praise God. we just keep a couple of the kids there.

digapigmy said...

don't let them come down - i here they can go mad from the heat. just slide some raw chicken under the door until it cools down

shontell said...

count on brent to be a giver. i hear that bathtub gin keeps um quiet