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Monday, July 04, 2005

for rent

one cute but snooty 7 year old girl. when do they get that mouth? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! i dont talk like that. not since i was like..i dunno thirteen lol. ALL RIGHT!! i get it! sheesh! but knowing where it came from doesnt make it all better. how do i stop that?
i talked to her nicely about hurting her friends feelings and she is on her way to apologize and invite her back. HA!! i remember when my mom used to make me do stuff like that. how embarrasing. lol i am glad to be passing it on. noooow, what was that saying i hated? oh yah "cause i am the mom, that's why!"


Jessie said...

hahahaaaaaaaa *choke*

shontell said...

you need help with that!? lol