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Monday, July 04, 2005

just sit as still as you possibly can

my #2 brother is a pastor. one time he told me he can always tell the people who dont tithe because they start to wiggle when he starts talking about tithing. so sunday when my own pastor began talking about loving one another i had to keep chanting in my mind "just sit as still as you possibly can. possibly can. sit as still. as you possibly can." he he. ::shrug:: what do you do? God says he gives us different gifts, aye? my family is still trying to find the compassionate one out of our bunch. we may have to look into adopting.


digapigmy said...

What about me? I love people, they just don't realize it. In fact, I have had to specifically let most of my teenage daughter's friends know that I actually like them by saying it in a way such as "I really do like you, pinky swear." Isn't saracasm the universal language of love? Perhaps I just have issues making connections with teenagers. Luckily I will have lots of practice when it becomes my full-time job in one short year . . .

shontell said...

ACK!! i thought we sent the kids away to some magical camp when they became teens. CRAP! to work on a back up plan lol
and i like you..pinky swear