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Friday, July 15, 2005

ten years

as my ten year reunion steadily approaches, and i look into these aging eyes, i have to wonder like most, i am sure, where did the time go? what have i accomplished? feeling nastolgic i pull out my old year books. my husband and i graduated a year apart but from the same school so we have duplicates. well, his books are full of his memories. And mine are full of my memories. there are a lot of signatures. many i dont actually remember. bits and pieces maybe, but nothing significant. i remember the kid with the tongue piercing. so "against all the rules" then. now it is more commonplace. he never talked to me just stuck his tongue out every time he passed me in the hall. the year my parents separated and eventually divorced. i started out at school with my friends, left and then came back. a lot of people were glad to have me back at the end of that year. that feels good to read.
through pictures i remember being class president. pajama day, spirit week and volleyball. number #3. it was as close to 23 as they could give me. (MJ all the way)
because i wrote it down i remember i was going to be a teacher, a mom, a wife. i was going to go to college, write books for a little money on the side and maybe do community theatre. musicals. my favorite. maybe new york.
as i continue the plunge into those lost memories two papers wiggle their way out of the dusty pages. land in my lap. my wedding vows. we wrote our own. tears already. mine was a poem, cheesy and about my love. probably half plagorized. his was perfect. one sheet of notebook paper, front and back. yellowing already. it was about how excited i was that he made me pancakes and that he loves me for being weird, and being different than "the others."
i didnt accomplish everything on my list for life. but this one i got right. God gave me this one.
i love you honey.


debi said...

it took me a little longer to get it right, i was 29 when we were married, but when its right, its worth the wait. God blesses me EVERY DAY with the husband He chose for me.

scoey-d said...

interesting to look back on what we thought we'd be vs. what we've really become. i'm thankful that some of my 'dreams' have fallen by the wayside, while other things i considered to be peripheral, have become central - thanks for sharing this queenie - & thanks to the saint for being a good husband & dad to ya.

digapigmy said...

luckily i graduated high school with no ambition whatsoever, so pretty much anything is an improvement :-)


shontell said...

did you share that with your wife brent. i am sooo sure she will take it as a compliment. but wait, call me when you do. i would really love to be there lol

Jeni said...

In high school, I never thought I would become anything but a writer. I could not (and still cannot) imagine myself happy doing anything else. Okay, so it means I have to work at Kinko's to pay the bills. Oh well. But right after high school graduation, when it became a reality that I would be "stuck" getting my degree at UNR (yes, I was an ungrateful brat), I had to figure out a new plan. They didn't offer a degree in creative writing, so I did what I thought was the next best thing and became a secondary education major so I could "share my passion for writing with my students." Anyone who knows anything about me knows what became of that. When I finally came back to my writing, I felt like I had sold out when I declared a major in education. I am so grateful for college, and that I was able to correct that mistake before it began to affect other people. I may not have what the world considers a "real job" but at least I didn't sell out on my dreams.