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Sunday, July 03, 2005

in the beginning

well, in the beginning I was just me. then in the middle it was me and mike. now ...and I am not calling this the end LOL, but we seem to be multiplying. four kids. I don't think God knows me as much as people say. some days I feel a little like miss hanigan. only we have a boy in the mix..oh and I don't think I have ever made booze in my bathtub OR kissed a radio. "little girls, little girls, everywhere I eat sleep and breeeeaathe them." sing this in a drunken slur. oh and I don't really drink much.
you know what I don't get? if you stick around you may see this is a recurring question. I don't get why preschoolers learn through repetition. I mean I get it. sponges right? but can't they learn SOME things the first time. like that yelling "HEEEY" isn't the best way to get a sibling to stop. this is the music in my house.
I have decided the people that say "aw. cherish these moments. they will fly by,"haven't spent enough time around little children lately. LOL I do love kids not the people. I just like to love them from a distance sometimes. thank you Bette midler. you said it all so well


scoey-d said...

It always chaps me too, when people condescend to me, using Christian platitudes to deal with (minimize?) the very real life frustrations that happen as a parent... Like they've never been frustrated... sometimes, I need the Calgon moment (take me away...) Has nothing to do w/loving the kids, but the constant battle of being the dad & shaping them best I can & seeming to just struggle w/a temper... ooh! The only thing that makes it worse is the quoting of movies I haven't seen. Nice job Queenie!

digapigmy said...

Hey, if you need some help with bath tub brew, we're right around the corner.

I also don't know about the repetition thing. Mine knows he wants something after seeing a commercial just once. Yet I have to remind him constantly to say "please". As people said back in the 90's, what's up with that?

shontell said...

lol.thats what i'm talkin about.