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Monday, July 11, 2005

bzzzzzy as a bee

what does that mean really? i mean i get it. they are busy, but why do they get the corner on that saying?frankly as a stay at home mom, when i am done laying around the house, eating bon bons and soakin up my soaps i am a very busy person. more hours in my day? i almost dont even want to think about what i would do, or i may become bitter and wonder why God made these short 24 hours in a day days. pure silliness if you ask me.
hmm lets see- more hours for my day would include
more hours for scrapping
more hours for coming up with my own line of scrap supplies and working on getting published
uh-more hours for sleep, but not just any sleep. the kind you get when you are worn out exhausted and nothing can stir you, not even pancakes.
more hours for reading every cross reference in my Bible for the chapter that day. seriously, have you people tried this. sheer craziness.
more hours for listening to books on tape.
more hours to snuggle with my kids.
more hours to "pray" with my husband. not your average prayers. more like the romeo and juliet kind. those two knew how to work it..well, sorta
more hours to think of what to do with my time. :)
more hours for doodling. i really like doodling.
more hours to sing in the shower.


digapigmy said...

first off, who says bees are really all that busy? i was just watching "psycho" the other day, and anthony perkins (aka norman bates) talked about the inaccuracy of "eats like a bird." apparently birds eat a lot. on a (sort of) related side note - psycho is a great flick, and i'm working on convincing the kids that just because a movie was made 40 years ago doesn't mean it sucks - i haven't convinced my wife yet.
i have a hypothesis that if you were to check every cross reference for a chapter, then for that chapter, ... and so forth that you would end up reading the entire Bible.
you are my inspiration - come visit me:

scoey-d said...

moms are best & kick butt. i truly fear the fact that moms are able to balance all they do, yet still have time to more than hold their own w/the kids & the moth(read: man of the house.)

JayBird said...

i'm always amazed @ what mindy gets done in a single day. when i come home from work, she's done more for me, the girls, the house, & whatever- than I do all month- & I'm the one that wants to veg on the couch from a hard day's work. ;-)

mom's are the ultimate multi-taskers. how mindy takes care of the girls & reminds me to do things I need to remember- is simply amazing. The next time we (husbands) complain about having too much to do- just give us a big hug & grin.


digapigmy said...

you know what i love? the fact that everyone is pimping their own blogs at the end of our messages. you and lou have created a hole host of monsters, including the meat machine. if you don't know you better axe someone

JayBird said...

maybe, we should start a blog called:

Jeni said...

Sorry to hear that you all think that blog marketing sucks, but I'm going to do a bit of just that right now.

shontell said...

ROFL! okay i am not really on the floor, but my husband just sighed cause i am cracking up over you all and he cant hear his boxing match.
..hasnt seen psycho
..might try to follow every reference in her reading tomorrow for 30 minutes
..wonders, should she put a time limit to reading the Bible
..thinks her kids will if she doesnt

digapigmy said...

i will let you borrow psycho. it is extremely good.

kids are the best for setting limits on doing anything that doesn't involve ice cream, pizza, swimming, or the park.