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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Week 2

Student teaching is going. I didn't bomb my first evaluation, so that is a plus. I am required to keep a reflection log, but my mind is in its pre-geriatric stage, so often I forget what I did if it happened more than one hour ago. Why is this something?

I love my lead teacher. Possibly more than butter, but it's a little early in our relationship to say that. Loving someone more than butter is definitely a weighty statement.

Today, she led a lesson in garden club that taught the kids how nearly every food has plants involved in its existence. She used the example of grilled cheese sandwiches. (Cheese-cows-cows eat grass, butter-cows-cows eat grass, bread-grain, you get the picture.) Let me just say, that when you are a little bit hungry and your lead teacher starts talking about grilled cheese sandwiches, you might start picturing yourself eating one, or cooking one, or laying inside of one. MMMM. We are having grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. And not because she brought them up. Those suckers have been on my menu since I wrote it weeks ago. Her bringing them up today was just happy coincidence and my final assurance that I want to eat them.

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A Bit Of Everything said...

I am proud of you friend....You can do it!