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Monday, February 15, 2010

Things I Heart (As stolen from PW)

My husband and his ability to love me through the me that gets in his way.

Chocolate covered berries.



Anything retro minus the 80s. weird.


All things Woodstock.

Fried chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn, all piled high on my plate.

Zumba. Good stuff.

The good ole days of SNL.

Hanging out with my kids.

Quoting movies.

Watching movies.

Randomness. Like my cartoon here.

Music. Instruments. Music.

Candy bars. Cookies. delish.



Snuggling on the couch with whoever feels like joining me even if
it's just my book.


My new book club with Ms. Marie.

My Reno friends.

My Vegas friends.

My friends everywhere else (like Florida and Japan).

Reconnecting with old friends, especially when it feels like we never parted.

That my kids are freaking hilarious.

Putting all the letters on ghetto slang words like freaking and hanging.

Dinner guests.

When dinner guests feel at home enough to help themselves-cause I forget.

Taco night. I miss taco night.

My large hair.

Retro glasses.

Orange juice.

Learning and going to school.

Teaching anything.


Dates at home.

Daytime dates while the kids are in school.

That my husband is a firefighter. And delicious at it.

The number 23.

My cell phone. Texting.

Lucky jeans.

Wild flowers. Growing and getting them.

Cows. I want to be PW when I grow up.

Mountain lakes.

Cabin life.

Dirt roads that lead to somewhere unknown.


My husband in a teeshirt and jeans.

My husband in a cowboy hat and boots, but he won't try them on so I can make sure.

My preschooler's choice of clothes when she dresses herself. inventive.

My iPod.



Lists. Can you tell?


Joelle said...

Love this list and you too friend. Thanks for the blog idea! Tag your it!

Liz said...

Super love the list...especially numbers 24 & 25.... hehe. Now I will have to go make my list...after I write the 1500 word paper that is due tomorrow, that is. ;)

You know what I love? ...tomorrow is Tuesday and the next day is Wednesday...and that means on at least one of those days...I might get a phone call from Reno. xxooXoxO

kris and mel said...

i have a house now! taco night may resume soooooooon!!!! :)

my word ver is "lowshin".

Erica said...

So what's so great about the number 23? just wondering :)

shontell said...

Erica. sigh. Michael Jordan. Pull yourself together!

Erica said...

lol....ok my next question...what is woodstock??? maybe tell me in person :)....I was very sheltered growing up for all those who are wondering

shontell said...

OH.MY.ERICA! Are you kidding me ahahahahaha. I mean, sorry to mock you right to your face, but come on! How old are you? Think 1969, Joan Baez, Lynard SKynard, Bob Dyllan...ringing any bells?

Erica said...

I'm a 80's child :) besides the funny names, I'm totally drawing a blank.

shontell said...


on another note. My word verification is yerlips.

Erin said...

Japan Friend (soon to be San Diego Friend) says "HELLO!"!! :) I likey you too!