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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mamma Didn't Raise No Quitter

My mother and I were discussing a part of our make up that is good at and enjoys
fixing things, people, and ministries that are broken or need a boost.
Once we do our part, we move on. We aren't good at the long haul.
This got me thinking about some personal feelings I have had lately-namely fear.
A friend prayed for me a few months ago, and he told me he feels
God told him all my issues come down to fear. Being someone who feels
tough and not overly emotional on most occasions, I had to think on this one a bit.
He was right of course. Being fake tough does not equate to standing firm in God.

So, when the short Italian* (my mom) and I were talking,
I wondered if what we do would be considered quitting.
She pointed out persons we both know who show real endurance and
really stick to a cause for the long journey. I wondered if I should be
trying to be more like those people. She said no, because God has
gifted us differently. We aren't quitting, we are finished.
That is the positive side of this gift.

The flip side is- QUITTING.

After feeling really overwhelmed with everything
I need to accomplish with school, I have noticed the enemy's sly voice trying
to show me that flip side. He is subtle. Stupid, but subtle so I almost
can't hear him lying. It seems more like ideas milling around in my head.
Only, they aren't my ideas, and they certainly aren't God's ideas.
He says things like, "This is too much for me to handle, and if
I just finish my classes, I can do my student teaching at some
other time, when it's not so crazy." OR "I am nervous to do my
internship; maybe I should put it off." The funny thing about the
enemy is his ability to hide his deception right smack dab in the
middle of the good stuff. He is right: this is too much for me to handle,
I am nervous about student teaching.

Where he is wrong is when he thinks it's me who is going to change any
of that. When God helps me see how silly and stupid the devil is, I want to
give that serpent a demeaning little head pat. pat.pat.pat. Silly serpent.
Your fear has no room here.

SO I start student teaching on Tuesday. I am so excited, nervous,
anxious, and ready! Ready to not be a quitter, to depend on God to
get me through, and leaning on the knowledge that God has fully
equipped me to be the teacher I will be so soon. Nice try little guy....

*my mom really is the shortest Italian...ever.


Erica said...

good blog,Shontell! it's been nice to get to know your mom as I see her at the preschool. Great perspective

Elizabeth said...

Today is Tuesday!!! I am so excited for you to begin this next part of your journey...and I prayed that all would be well today. Can't wait to hear about it~ (which means your fanny better call me tonight!!)

btw...word ver is nowfanky...that just sounds dirty to me... ;)