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Saturday, February 06, 2010

When It's Time to Pick Up the Kids

Many of you may be parents, and many of you may have weird children, and ALL of you have to run errands at some point in your lives, BUT none of you get to be parents of my weird children or run errands with my children. Sigh. What a sad life you must lead.

This is what it's like when I have to pick up my three older children from school nearly every day. First, I come prepared. Wipes for any occasion, sunglasses, tissues, trash (though I don't why I need that, I just always seem to have it!), a pen, and a notebook. I can't draw arrows, but it's there up on the right. And, no, that isn't my girl scout badge. Though, it could be; I am amazing.

I load up the babes. A minute before I took this next picture, Sam was throwing a fake fit. I say "fake" because if it were real, he wouldn't have been able to make THIS face so quickly. It doesn't last...
Because Sam thinks Addison is simply amazing, he copies her when she acts like this..
and refuses to get buckled. She also refuses to have her picture made. He mimics her naughty behavior then he falls asleep.
Once I finally get the kids, they are eager to pose for a picture. Apparently Addison is ready now as well.


noel said...

: ) Last picture O my heaven's SO CUTE!!

Erin said...

ahahahahah. awesome.

Joelle said...

Too true friend! Love Addie's eyes!!

Tammy said...

This is the BEST!!! Seriously you should enter this in a photo contest. I have the perfect title..

"What'cha doin, takin a picture?"