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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Comes Early to the Brew Crew

Tonight, the kids and I snuggled up with Nanna and watched this year's run of The Nativity. Tonight, I set out several, and then some, gifts. Tonight I made, from the scratch, cinnamon rolls.
Tomorrow, I will make the coffee maple glaze to atop them. (sing) YUM. In the morning, my kids will stay holed up in their bedrooms until The Man gets home from work. 8:15 ish. This time will come slowly for all of us.
Tomorrow, we will celebrate Jesus and his birth and, by extension, what he did for us on the cross. Sunday, we will eat his birthday cake. I am positive it's what he would want ;)

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Noel said...

Good Stuff! Birthday parties for Jesus, are the best.