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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 14: Conversations with a Squirrel

Addison, our resident squirrel and I were riding in the car listening to music on my Ipod. My friend Rebekah Brown and her friend Kristopher came over the speaker singing reminders of where God has me. Her voice is beautiful, and she has more musical talent in her teeniest finger than I have in my entire being. Plus, she has great hair.
So, from the peanut gallery (where squirrels typically sit), Addison started chattering away.

Me: Squirrel, let's listen to Ms. Rebekah Brown sing to us.
Addison: That isn't Ms. Rebekah Brown.
Me: Why would I lie? It's my friend. Ms. Rebekah Brown. Let's listen to her sing to us.
Addison: That is a boy singing.
Me: Well, YES, THAT is a boy she is singing with, but the girl's voice you will hear in a second is my friend. Rebekah Brown. Listen.
Addison: That's a horn.
Me: I am telling her you said that.
Addison (laughs maniacally): NOOOO DON'T TELL HER!!! Let's just listen. :/
Me: (snicker)


Rebecca Brown said...

Bahahah! This just made me laugh so hard. SQUIRREL! I SOUND LIKE A HORN? You’re gonna get it, missy! =) Ha! Also, just a slight “PS” but, my name is actually not as holy as those in the Bible and it does indeed lack a “K” … but, I am assuming you ONLY spelled my name this way as a little payback for how I ridiculously I spelled your name for a VERY LONG time? Hmm? Touché, friend… touché.

shontell said...

Crap! I hate when I misspell names. I will fix you. Which of these spellings seems best?

Rebecca Brown, OR
The Horn