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Friday, December 09, 2011

Day 9 Hopping

This verb, hopping- it isn't an intimidating or instantly off putting word. Plenty of words make me cringe: smear, pulp, chunky, bulbous, anyways, etc. There are plenty of times I use the word hopping, and it makes me feel kiddish and happy. Light. But when you put this unassuming word into the phrase "church hopping" I yell en guard and waggle my sword at your face. Let me be clear.


I realize how spoiled I have been my whole life. Church has seldom been a struggle. I do not know WHY I didn't realize how spoiled I was. I have heard people tell terrible stories about their experiences with churches. Maybe I assumed something was wrong with those people. Don't judge me. Something is wrong with YOU. >: /

Sorry I acted out. AnyWAY. The point is, I don't like going to other churches if I am not already rooted in my own. I realize, after four months of living here and church hopping, I do not make friends outside of church. I have acquaintances. I say hi to neighbors. I don't have friends. People I can call for coffee and encouragement. People who say, "Hi. You are pretty. Why are you being dumb? I like your hair." I need these sort of people- people willing to hold me accountable and compliment me after to make me feel a little better.

I need church. But so far, either the worship scares my curls to straighten, or the teachings are from the steps of brimstone, or the teachings consist of milk. I don't need brimstone. I don't need milk. I need church.

So, for any of you teetering on the idea of planting a solidly structured, sound teaching, humble worship, loving on my kids, and caring more about others than yourself sort of church in the greater Nampa area, shoot me a text. God is bigger than my pipe dream.

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noel said...

I feel your pain. Hang in there. Just think of it like you are going over to a new family's house for dinner, and each family has different traditions,foods they eat,prayers or lack there of before dinner. That helped me keep things in perspective. If all else fails you can move here and we all will church plant as well as plant some other stuff.