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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Day 6

Budget. Schmudget. Last night we got our Dave Ramsey on and created a new budget for our life in Idaho which should lead to a happier life in Idaho.
I hate feeling poor. I don't care about fancy cars or houses or clothes (well, I do love clothes, but I am a thrift store girl) or excess. I do not like budgeting food. It brings a sense of insecurity. When I was a kid we were always poor. Ambition often held priority over stability in my home, so I have grown up with a sense of panic when food supplies or money runs low. Revisiting this as an adult made me realize I am not truly trusting God for my provisions if I get sweaty pits at the thought of cutting back on grocery items. I shouldn't need to find a happy place because my pantry isn't well stocked.
God is great, God is good. I will thank him for my food.
Also, I will count on him to fill in the gaps our measly paychecks do not cover. The end.


noel said...

arghh just the mention of the word makes me cringe!

shontell said...

sorry. It should have been called a fudget. Again, so we can use the term Fword and feel better about ourselves.